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[Petition] No to Donald Trump's new fracking plan

Climate change is a crisis. And we must address it head-on.

That's why some recent news has me very concerned: Donald Trump is quietly looking to expand the scope of fracking.

Their target? Our national parks. Allowing mining companies to explore areas near our country's national treasures.

I'm part of a movement looking to stop them and fight climate change. Join me. Sign the petition.

We've seen the environmental costs of fracking: toxic drinking water, worsening air pollution, man-made earthquakes, and increased exposure to chemicals that harm children and infants.

If Donald Trump's administration is successful in opening up these special places to fracking, there's no place in America that's safe.

By law, the Bureau has to accept public comments on their plan. This is our chance to take a stand and against this disastrous idea.

Sign here and tell Trump's Bureau of Land Management: No fracking near National Parks.



Posted on June 6, 2019.