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Earl Blumenauer is a proven leader who fights for progressive values.

Earl is a nationally recognized champion fighting for bold, progressive change. He approaches controversial issues in a way that breaks through gridlock and brings people together around common-sense solutions.

A lifelong Oregonian, Earl was raised in SE Portland and attended Centennial High School. While a student at Lewis and Clark College, he led the fight to lower the voting age in Oregon. His advocacy helped fuel the passage of the 26th amendment to the Constitution.

In 1972, Earl was elected to the Oregon House as one of the youngest legislators in the state’s history during a groundbreaking legislative session for school funding, ethics reform, and Oregon’s land use laws. In 1978, he left the legislature to serve his hometown more directly, first as a County Commissioner, then on the Portland City Council. There, his advocacy for public transportation, land use planning and environmental protection earned him an international reputation as a leader for livability and helped solidify Portland as one of America’s most livable cities.

Elected to the US House of Representatives in 1996, Earl has since been a tireless advocate for Oregon’s 3rd Congressional District.

He has been on the front lines of every issue important to Oregonians, from tackling the housing crisis and protecting our environment to strengthening our democratic institutions and ending the epidemic of gun violence. He is also a nationally recognized leader on a wide array of issues, including ending the failed war on drugs, rebuilding and renewing our nation's infrastructure and creating more sustainable agricultural policies.

Central to each of his priorities is creating livable communities: places where people are safe, healthy, and economically secure.

He is currently a member of the Ways and Means Committee, Ranking Member of the subcommittee on Trade and a member of the subcommittee on Health. Earl is also serving as a senior member on the Budget Committee.

Pronouns: He/Him/His