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Earl Blumenauer is a proven leader who fights for progressive values.

Earl is a nationally recognized champion fighting for bold, lasting progressive change. He has been on the front lines of critical local issues important to Oregonians, tackling the housing crisis, and protecting our natural resources.

He’s a radically effective leader, fighting for universal health care and criminal justice reform, stopping gun violence, ending the failed war on drugs, calling for more labor rights and fair wages for working men and women, and securing our elections to preserve our democracy.

Earl has led the effort for bold action to combat climate change and create more clean energy. He co-wrote the Green New Deal, which set the agenda for America to radically reduce carbon emissions and jumpstart the green economy. He crafted legislation declaring climate change a national emergency and was joined in his efforts by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders.

In his role as a member of the powerful Ways & Means Committee, Earl has been pushing for much needed policies such as a single payer healthcare system like Medicare for All and fairer tax policies that truly tackle income inequality.

A fierce advocate for democratic values and progressive action, Earl has become one of Donald Trump’s most fearless critics and was one of the first members of Congress to call for impeachment proceedings.

A lifelong Portlander, Earl was raised in SE Portland and has never forgotten his local roots. As a student at Lewis and Clark College, he led the fight to lower the voting age in Oregon, which helped fuel the passage of the 26th amendment to the Constitution.

After his election to the Oregon House, Earl was a champion of groundbreaking legislation that was critical for Oregon’s future. He left the legislature to serve his hometown more directly, first as a County Commissioner, then on the Portland City Council. There, his advocacy for public transportation, land use planning, protection of the environment, and school funding earned him a national reputation as a leader for livable communities.

Politically, Earl has worked at the local level on critical ballot measures and giving financial support to progressive candidates, especially women and people of color, for the state legislature, local school boards, county commissions, and city councils.

Pronouns: He/Him/His