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Medicare for All... a reality?

It's a travesty!

Americans pay almost twice as much as the rest of the world for a system that provides excellent care for few, mediocre care for others, and fails the rest.

The vision isn't complicated: All doctors and hospitals would be in-network for all Americans, coverage would include dental services, vision, and mental health care, and all Americans would have a guaranteed and reliable plan.

We can make that vision a reality if we pass a universal health care system like Medicare for All.

Which is why I'm thrilled that, tomorrow, House Democrats on the Ways & Means Committee are holding a hearing on Medicare for All for the first time ever.

I look forward to participating in this hearing to get this discussion on the official record.

America needs universal health care and a system that works for all. And you can be sure I will keep fighting until we have it.

The time for Medicare for All is NOW.



Posted on June 11, 2019.