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A huge victory for adult-use cannabis in Congress:

HUGE NEWS: Congress just passed my amendment to protect states' cannabis laws.

This bipartisan 267-165 vote will prevent the Department of Justice from interfering with state cannabis programs, including those allowing recreational use, cultivation, and sales. This also includes the District of Columbia and U.S. territories. A separate measure that extends the same protection to tribal lands where cannabis has been legalized passed the House yesterday.

As the vote heads to the Senate, we need to keep up the fight and keep up the pressure to get this done.

I am proud to have led today's bipartisan effort. Democrats and Republicans came together to show that we support the rights of states to make their own determinations about cannabis laws.

The Department of Justice should never interfere in a state's right to make its own cannabis laws. Our effort makes sure of that.

Our movement is growing. 47 states and counting have some form of legal cannabis. The American people are speaking, and it's time for the federal government to listen.

The failed war on drugs must finally end. This is a critical next step on our path to end the failed prohibition of cannabis.



Posted on June 21, 2019.