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Why I hit the streets today:

Children separated from their families, herded into overcrowded cages, sleeping on concrete floors. Insufficient food. Inadequate medical care.

Eleven deaths, and counting.

This, is the crisis created by Donald Trump at our southern border. This is his legacy.

Today, I rallied with Americans across the country who are demanding we #CloseTheCamps .

I promised them that as soon as Congress reconvenes next week, I'm introducing a resolution to condemn Donald Trump's inhumane treatment of refugees, asylum-seekers, and people unlawfully detained by this administration.

It's time for a new approach to immigration reform.

It's time to end family separation forever and to reunite every family torn apart.

It's time to abolish ICE in its present form and start over with a responsible, humane agency.

And it's time to take the next steps to hold this administration accountable by voting them out of office and to reclaim America's humanity for everyone who looks to our shores for freedom, safety, and a better life.


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Posted on July 2, 2019.