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Mueller has testified. Now it's time for action.

When Special Counsel Robert Mueller first spoke to the world after his team wrapped up its investigation, his words were very revealing:

"If we had had confidence that [Donald Trump] clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so."

Today, when he appeared before Congress, certain facts were made even more clear.

Russia interfered in our 2016 election.

Donald Trump appears to have obstructed justice.

It's now on Congress to hold Trump accountable.

It's time for the House to do its job. It's time to pick up where the Mueller investigation left off and put the American people and integrity of our democracy ahead of partisan politics.

That's why it's time to begin an impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump. Right now.

I was one of the first to step up and say this. And I'm going to keep making this call each and every day until the job is done.


Posted on July 24, 2019.