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Senate Republicans have blood on their hands

There have been more mass shootings so far in 2019 than there have been days. At a time when it feels like nothing else can shock us, this is shocking.

Two. In less than 24 hours.

What can I say to you that you aren't already thinking?

It's a tragedy? Absolutely.

It's preventable? Wholly.

It's senseless? Hardly.

The NRA and their allies in Congress have waged a generational campaign to prevent meaningful action on gun violence.

Donald Trump has built his entire political career on exploiting latent racism, fear of immigrants, and a nauseating us-vs-them vision of America that animates white supremacist violence.

It's increasingly clear that the racist rants of a president who has decided to target immigrants and people of color and the communities in which they live are part of a cynical desperate campaign strategy to divide America. It's a strategy of division, of distrust, of fear.

Having a president who seeks to divide us in the crudest terms is not without costs and consequences. When Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans fail to act, weekends like this are the result.

They have blood on their hands – and time after time, tragedy after tragedy, they've made clear that they do not care, as long as it means more power for them.

It's not too late for us to stand up to the racist bully in the White House our his shameless cronies in Congress. It's not too late for the Senate to pass the gun safety legislation that the House of Representatives has already passed. To finally address these tragedies and give hope to millions of American families who despair at the carnage from gun violence.

And that's why we must not lose heart. Because they're not slowing down; because their ideas are poisonous to America's diversity and democracy; because they know that ginning up fear is their only path to victory.

And because elections matter, and our only way forward is stomping out the influence of the gun violence lobby and white nationalism entirely.


Posted on August 5, 2019.