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I was at the border and I want to share my experience:

One week ago, I was at our southern border to witness firsthand the real life consequences of Trump's cruel immigration policy.

Though I'd braced myself for what I was going to see, I was no less sickened by the human rights abuses committed in our name.

Seeking asylum in the U.S. is legal. In fact, it's a core element of our national story. The people Trump's locking up haven't broken any laws, Meaghan. They're running away from criminals, in fact – to keep their families safe, to build a better life for their children.

But when they reach our nation's doorstep, Donald Trump has those children taken away, sent to camps, put in cages.


And then, he has the grotesque arrogance to blame his cruelty on the innocent people he abuses.

We must shine a light on the egregious human rights abuses by Donald Trump and his allies in Congress. They want us to go about our lives. They want us to forget what's happening.

Not on our watch.

Here's what I believe. It's in two parts.

Donald Trump, his administration, and his allies in Congress must be held accountable.


Posted on August 9, 2019.