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⋈ my friend Earl ⋈

Let me introduce myself. I'm Janelle, I'm a mother and a small business owner from Clackamas. I’m also serving my second term as the State Representative for Oregon’s District 51 and I couldn’t have done so without the support of those who helped me get here.

I'm proud to have had my friend Earl Blumenauer in my corner the whole time. From the start of my career, Earl's been a valuable informal advisor and an enthusiastic supporter, helping engage people and get out the progressive vote.

It's an honor to endorse Earl for re-election. Please chip in now to stand with me and keep his radical leadership in the House!

I grew up in a politically active household. Both my parents were teachers, and they made sure all three of their children understood the importance of education as a personal and political act. In fact, education was and still is the primary reason I'm in office.

Like me, Earl believes that every child deserves a first-rate education. He has supported a nondiscriminatory path to higher education for DREAMers. He backed our future generations by helping keep adolescent girls in school. He even took measures to ensure all campus hate crimes are addressed with the right response and strengthening preventative procedures.

It's critical that our public is educated so that we can fight for our rights: affordable housing, Medicare for all, protecting our planet by fighting climate change, and reforming our criminal justice system.

Earl's on the front lines of those fights. A fierce advocate for democratic values and progressive action, Earl has become one of Donald Trump's most fearless critics.

Earl is facing a crucial fundraising deadline. Can you make a small contribution and get our movement one step closer to our goal of 500 grassroots donors today?

I'm lucky that we have people like Earl, who has not only pushed tirelessly for bold, progressive Oregon values but has continuously been an advocate for new ideas and leadership in the House.

Other members of Congress have avoided addressing our country's housing crisis – because it's inconvenient, or too complicated, or might get the wrong people angry. But Earl's taking the lead with a radical plan to revolutionize the way we think about housing in America, and building a movement of people to put that plan into action.

We need people like Earl who are willing to propose bold solutions to our country's problems, and who won't stop fighting until they're solved.

Earl's been a powerful advocate for bringing new voices to the leadership table. Earl stood with me and was always ready to lend a hand or offer advice as I learned the ropes and developed my voice as a leader. So, today and every day, I'm proud to stand with him.

Join me in supporting Earl's re-election. Please chip in!

Janelle Bynum,
Oregon State Rep. District 51

Posted on September 23, 2019.