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Kavanaugh & Gorsuch's first case: Women's Reproductive Rights

In 2019, we have the most anti-choice president our country's ever known. He campaigned – and now governs – with an utter disregard for many community members' right to simply exist.

Emboldened by his election, and his appointments to the Supreme Court, anti-choice activists nationwide have instituted a wide range of cynical attacks on reproductive health care. Everything from slashing funding to imposing convoluted restrictions on health care providers to instituting outright bans – with the opportunistic intent of appealing their cases to Trump's extremist Supreme Court.

Decades after Roe v. Wade, a single court ruling will be the difference between preserving our reproductive freedom and taking rights away from millions of people.

It's time to make the issue clear: sign the petition to demand a law protecting reproductive rights.

We deserve a principled opposition that's based on facts, science, and respect for bodily autonomy. Instead, we have Trump and the conservative cronies who fund him eager to bring the government between patients and their medical providers. I'm ready to fight them every step of the way, are you? Sign the petition to demand a law protecting reproductive rights.



Posted on October 23, 2019.