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Trump is president - Now THAT's scary!

Donald Trump has rampaged through our democracy like Godzilla – screaming incoherently, getting in pointless fights, and indiscriminately wrecking things.

And while the monster devastates our country, Republicans in Congress stand in front of the smoldering wreckage and insist that life has never been better.

It's hard to decide which is more frightening: the fact that Godzilla's still screeching in the White House, or that Congressional Republicans are trying to thwart our efforts to defend ourselves.

Today, the House of Representatives voted on rules and procedures for the impeachment investigation. That means we can seek more information, hold open hearings, and let the American people see the extent of his corruption and contempt for the rule of law. It's a significant development that dramatically moves the investigation forward.

Not one single Republican voted to protect our country from an out-of-control president.

I was one of the first in Congress to stand up and call for Trump's impeachment. In the months since, he's only become more destructive. His attacks on health care, his inhumane immigration camps, his immoral tax cut for millionaires, and his catastrophic environmental rollbacks have ruined lives. His rage-tweets, unhinged public appearances, and his attempts to pit Americans against one another have eroded our national character.

Godzilla's still on the loose. But today, we took a major step toward finally ending his rampage.



Posted on October 31, 2019.