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Not merely honoring for our veterans

Our national conversation around veterans inspires a lot of lofty language: Honor. Courage. Patriotism. Duty.

Our vets deserve all of that admiration and more.

But today, on Veterans Day, I urge you to think of our soldiers not just as abstract (if noble) ideas, but as people.

Because the folks who have served in combat don't sacrifice in the abstract; their losses are all too real: the birthdays and anniversaries missed; the excruciating battlefield choices; the threats to physical and mental health; the lives lost and families devastated.

Today, I was proud to march in the Veterans Day parade to honor the people who sacrifice and serve.

I have and will always fight to make sure our country celebrates our veterans –especially the 50,000 vets here in Oregon's Third District – not just with parades and ceremonies and medals, but by honoring their humanity. That means ensuring all of our servicemembers have access to quality health care, education, housing, career assistance, and support they need when they return to the country they love.



Posted on November 11, 2019.