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Big news: The League of Conservation Voters endorses!

Now is exactly the time to vote for the planet's future.

Clean air. Clean water. A future free from disastrous, toxic pollution. Putting science ahead.

That's my agenda. That's what I believe is critical for our survival. And it's why I'm thrilled to once again be endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters!

Join me in 2020 as we put the environment on the ballot. Chip in $3 today.

Things are dire when it comes to the environment. There's no putting it gently.

We need action and we need it now. We can't rely on good intentions and kind words to get us out of our current climate change death spiral.

That's why I'm one of the lead sponsors of the 100% Clean Economy Act, and why I'm always fighting for a better, more sustainable, more livable future for all of us.

We're all in that fight, and it's why I'm asking for your support: because any conversation about the 2020 election has to have the environment right at the front.

Can I count you in? Donate today.



Posted on November 25, 2019.