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Will Senate Republicans defend Trump or the Constitution?

I salute Speaker Pelosi's strategy to not rush advancing the impeachment articles to the Senate.

From the first hours of the 116th congressional session, the House has passed and sent over to the Senate a steady stream of legislation supported by the American public, needed by our nation, and usually with bipartisan support. Moscow Mitch and his Republican cronies have used cynical and hypocritical maneuvers and roadblocks to paralyze the Senate.

The driving principle that McConnell and the Republican majority have had is to protect and enable Donald Trump's recklessness.

Speaker Pelosi's thoughtful and deliberate approach to the impeachment process is justified. The clear signals from the Senate and the express statements of McConnell and key Republican senators like Lindsey Graham show that they have no intention of having a fair and open process. Indeed, there is no pretext of honoring the oath that they are required to take as "jurors" in the impeachment trial to be fair and impartial.

By taking the time to allow efforts to refine and understand the process, the Speaker has performed an important service regardless of the ultimate outcome of the impeachment process. There have been more opportunities for the Senate and the public to understand what's going on and to give it the attention that it merits. Rushing headlong into the actual impeachment process without the public airing, without the spotlight, without asking these questions, without understanding how blatantly Republican leadership was committed to game the trial, serves no one's interest.

I am under no illusion that the Republican Senate will remove Trump from office, but it is absolutely essential for the integrity of this process that every effort is made to hold him accountable.

Every day that passes, there is more evidence of the merit of the House case for impeachment. More examples of Donald Trump and his enablers putting the security of America and a key ally at risk.

And of course, all the while, Trump has been seething, eagerly frantic to get the Articles of Impeachment in the hands of Republicans who would short-circuit the process and allow him to claim vindication. Each day of delay and reflection made that a little more difficult and gave the American public a clearer picture of what's at stake for our democracy. Once again, Speaker Pelosi has delivered for the American public.



Posted on January 14, 2020.