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Betsy DeVos is at it again with her scam education.

It is a continuing scandal in America that we allow private, for-profit colleges and universities to scam some of our most vulnerable, most in-need, students.

The record of cheating veterans, low-income people, particularly minorities, is so scandalous even by the low standards of the Trump administration that they seek to undercut and replace the limited reforms of the Obama administration.

The Obama era reforms were limited, but it should be noted it was not because the need wasn't there or for lack of effort, but because these predatory colleges and their enablers forced concessions as a result of their onslaught of legal proceedings.

Today, I voted against Education Secretary Betsy DeVos' gift to the shady operators.

This is the first step in starting to protect veterans, students of color, and low-income students who desperately need access to education and training. Students who are cheated by this rapacious industry of for-profit institutions. It wasn't just Trump university, even though nothing symbolizes the threat to the public interest more.

I've long fought to protect our most vulnerable, especially in a system as critical as our public education. I assure you, I will continue to fight against the ultra-wealthy and their desires to prey on any American.



Posted on January 16, 2020.