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A trial without evidence??

In December, I voted to impeach Donald Trump because I saw overwhelming evidence of his efforts to obstruct justice and abuse the power of his office.

Then, I was proud to lead the effort to hold onto the Articles of Impeachment and not rush them to the Senate. The time allowed more information to come out.

This strategic move paid off. Since the start of the trial, even more - and more damning - evidence has steadily emerged.

Last week, Lev Parnas, a man at the heart of the impeachment inquiry (and whom Trump claims to not know) said that he was asked directly to sacrifice himself for Trump, and that Trump was unquestionably the driving force in the Ukrainian scandal.

Yesterday, we learned that the not-yet-published memoir of John Bolton,Trump's former National Security Advisor, includes several pages detailing Trump's plan to shake down Ukraine to investigate his political opponents.

There's no end in sight.

What will we learn tomorrow? Next week?

Each new item uncovered makes it harder for Republicans to justify their denial and rush to judgement. Even so, Mitch McConnell and the Senate GOP are still scrambling to cover up Trump's crimes.

They're seriously making the argument that jurors in one of the most important trials in our nation's history shouldn't hear any evidence.

If this isn't the greatest cover-up by a sitting president our country has ever seen, it's well on its way.

Our way forward? Win in 2020. Keep the House. Take back the Senate. Defeat Trump. Win back our country.

I plan to spend a lot of 2020 making sure they don't get a free pass. But I can't do it alone.

It's going to take all of us working together to restore the promise of government by the people, for the people. Our movement has to stretch from coast-to-coast, from Oregon outward. We built up some serious momentum in 2018. Now, we have to not just sustain it, but keep building it, all the way to November 3 – and beyond.

Donate today and let's take back our government.



Posted on January 27, 2020.