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This charade has to end.

Donald Trump has always believed he is above the law – even before he was elected. But since Senate Republicans voted to leave him in office despite his crimes, he's pushed his authoritarianism to new heights.

He's punished war heroes who told the truth and followed the law.

He's attacked federal judges by name.

Yesterday, he pressured the Department of Justice to go easy on his friend, convicted criminal Roger Stone. Not long after, his Attorney General Bill Barr (who's never met a Trump order he wouldn't sell our country out for) obeyed, ordering the prosecutors recommend less jail time for Stone.

Disgusted by Trump and Barr's willingness to politicize justice, the entire team of prosecutors has resigned.

None of this happened behind closed doors. It wasn't subtle. Trump issued his demands on Twitter, for all the world to see. The DOJ has become a political tool for Trump to use as he pleases, and he wants everyone to know it. He's destroying our institutions and our democracy in plain sight.

And Republicans in Congress have the nerve to act surprised that Trump and Barr would abuse their power in this way. More than one has expressed "concern."

As if no one saw this coming.

Enough. This charade has to end. Republicans in Congress have no intention to hold Trump accountable or to set any limits on him. And at this point, none have the courage or the moral standing to even try. That's why I'm going to be campaigning with and fighting for Democrats across the country in 2020.

We've got to hold the House and take back the Senate this year, and we've got to fight with everything we've got. That means all of us. Please chip in now to keep building the movement to end Republican control of our government in 2020.



Posted on February 12, 2020.