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My plan on how we help our families right now.

We're working to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and navigating the economic losses that will impact families, businesses, and workers. The importance of how individuals, businesses, and institutions respond will determine how effectively we contain this virus and minimize the consequences.

Congress has not provided adequate assistance to the many people who are experiencing economic losses and they can't afford to wait any longer.

That is why I am calling for Congress to immediately pass an emergency stabilization package for people and businesses who need help the most – NOT those who need help the least.

Here are some things I'm fighting for in my plan:

  • Supply a Universal Basic Income (UBI) of $1,000/month to account for lost wages;
  • Provide direct funding to local businesses to pay their employees and avoid bankruptcy with stringent requirements that the money goes to the employees;
  • Expand Unemployment Insurance to cover up to 12 months of lost wages and eliminate waiting periods and work search requirements;
  • Temporarily allow businesses who continue to pay their workers to use this year's net operating losses to obtain a refund for taxes paid in prior year;
  • Create a temporary employee retention tax credit to encourage affected businesses keep employees on the payroll; and
  • Provide money to affected industries to keep workers employed in exchange for preferred stock or other provisions that will allow for taxpayers to be made whole when businesses recover.

Our communities are reeling from this crisis. We must focus on prioritizing public health, and we must also provide assistance to those whose livelihood has been drastically impacted. Congress must act swiftly to provide immediate economic stabilization for the next 12-16 months. Most importantly, we must put the structures in place for economic and social reform so we never again are so poorly equipped to grapple with such challenges.

The public must also play a part by practicing social distancing providing assistance to family, friends, and neighbors, and sharing well-sourced information to keep up to date.

Team Blumenauer is currently taking several precautions:

  • All of our offices are closed and staff is working remotely. The campaign can be reached here.
  • We have postponed our annual Women's Leadership Lunch that was scheduled for this Friday.
  • We have postponed all in-person canvasses, events, and public meetings to concentrate on helping us get through this challenge.

In Oregon, people can call 211 for general information on the coronavirus from the Oregon Health Authority.

For additional information and resources, visit these sites:

Oregon Health Authority (sign up for their CORVID-19 email updates HERE)

Multnomah County Updates

Clackamas County Updates

We will get through this crisis so long as we remain strong, resilient, and resourceful. We are all in this together.


Posted on March 18, 2020.