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The threat to Vote By Mail

As much of the nation shelters in place in attempt to stop the novel coronavirus, the United States Postal Service is playing so many critical roles: keeping families and communities connected when we can't be together; delivering essential supplies to hospitals and homes; ensuring that people in even the most remote areas can get life-saving medication.

But social distancing also means the USPS is struggling financially. Officials warn that the agency needs financial support or it will run out of money at the end of the summer. In the best of times, a major disruption to the Postal Service would wreak havoc. In the midst of a crisis, it could be catastrophic.

This year, the future of our democracy will likely rely on having a healthy Postal Service. With November 3 fast approaching and the coronavirus still spreading, more and more states see Oregon-style Vote By Mail as the only way to make sure every American can vote safely.

As I have been since before the pandemic, I am leading the fight in the House to pass national Vote By Mail; we've seen it work in Oregon, and we must extend it nationwide, to protect our health and our democracy. Trump knows that when more people vote, Republicans lose. He's doing everything he can to stop Vote By Mail, including letting the Postal Service fail.

Trump's attacks on the Postal Service threaten our health, our rights, and our democracy, and they dishonor the union members, veterans, and people of color who USPS gainfully employs.

I will not back down. Not one inch. The workers in the United States Postal Service pledge to serve all Americans, no matter where they are. They're there for us every single day, and during this crisis, they've stepped up bravely to go the extra mile. It's time we do the same for them,

More soon,


Posted on April 17, 2020.