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My op-ed on 4/20

By some estimates, over half the U.S. prison population is comprised of nonviolent drug offenders – disproportionately poor people and people of color, most of whom posed little risk to the community when originally sentenced and certainly pose no threat today.

People in our prisons who can't practice social distancing or protect themselves from the coronavirus, are being infected at extraordinary rates, effectively sentenced to death for minor crimes.

Read my 4/20 op-ed in The Hill calling for an end to the War on Drugs and a new system of support for those who've borne the brunt of that failed policy.

'With prisons serving as COVID-19 hotspots, Congress needs to act to end the failed war on drugs' -- Earl Blumenauer, Guest opinion, The Hill

As we are dealing with unprecedented upheaval and understanding of the flawed nature of so many policies and practices, the need for cannabis reform and urgent economic stabilization amidst this health crisis is a small but important opportunity to get the policies right, save lives, lower the cost of healthcare, and strike a blow for racial equality and personal freedom.

Read my op-ed here.



Posted on April 20, 2020.