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The race for District Attorney rarely gets the attention it deserves.

It's no secret that the United States puts too many people in jail and prison. Our criminal justice system keeps many people locked up far too long; these sentences don't deter future criminal behavior, and often make it harder for people to reenter society as productive citizens. We need major reform now.

That's why I'm supporting Mike Schmidt for Multnomah County District Attorney.

Mike Schmidt

Criminal justice reform is a difficult and complex effort, and no one can make it happen alone. But an enlightened District Attorney is the single most important person to make sure that effort succeeds. Our DA decides the guidelines for prosecution, giving them wide discretion over the flow of people in and out of the criminal justice system.

Over five years running the Oregon Criminal Justice Commission, Mike showed he has the values, temperament, and above all, the judgment to manage the tremendous power of the office. In a system where a simple decision can have profound consequences for justice, Mike will balance critical public safety concerns with fundamental fairness, common sense, and equity.

The race for District Attorney rarely gets the attention it deserves, but this year, there is no more important vote we will cast for our local government. And because Mike Schmidt will approach the job with compassion, intelligence, and integrity, he has my full confidence.



Posted on May 8, 2020.