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An action plan for police accountability

At last.

From the most committed progressives to some of the most stubborn Republican leaders, Americans agree that comprehensive, systemic police reform is long overdue.

We've got to seize the moment. We've got to act.

As they have for generations, social justice organizations and local leaders (along with my House colleagues in the Congressional Black Caucus) are demanding justice for their communities. I've listened to those demands and have compiled them into a plan for bold, concrete action full of legislation that I support to stop the senseless killings of Black Americans and other people of color at the hands of law enforcement. In order to make change, we are going to need to have reforms at the federal, state, and local level and I pledge to be a partner on all three of these fronts. We cannot legislate morality, but we must restrain the worst expressions of racism and discrimination, change the culture, and provide a better future for all.

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Broadly, the plan addresses six key areas for reform:

  • Limiting use of force by law enforcement officers;
  • Holding police accountable for breaking the law;
  • Ending the militarization of our police departments;
  • Funding effective alternatives to policing;
  • Improving training for police;
  • Increasing access to data about law enforcement actions and officers.

Rooting out the institutional racism at our nation's core is a defining moral call for our times. While changing the culture and practice of law enforcement is just one step toward a more just future, it's a crucial one. I'm proud to stand beside you as we fight onward.



Posted on June 10, 2020.