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Keep Oklahoma blue. (That's right: keep.)


It's not usually what comes to mind when progressives think about battleground states, but that's just old news.

That's because, right now, we have a chance to keep Oklahoma blue.

Yes, that's right. Keep.

Congresswoman Kendra Horn is up for re-election after her thrilling win in 2018. And she needs our grassroots movement to come to her defense today.

Democrats need to fight everywhere. Because each city and town across America is full of our people – dedicated progressives who want a better future for everyone who calls this country home.

That very much includes Oklahoma, and leaders like Kendra Horn, who has been there with us on critical issues like building a better education system, expanding access to health care, and fighting for equal pay for equal work – and especially when it comes to fighting the Trump administration's abuse of power.

In fact, progressives in Oklahoma have been winning some key victories: Oklahomans overwhelmingly rejected (60/40!) the recent “Right to Farm” ballot measure – a factory-farm giveaway that would have crushed small farmers and gutted environmental, animal welfare, and food safety protections.

And of course, Donald Trump’s recent “comeback” rally in Tulsa only drew about 6,200 people. That’s less than one percent of the size the Trump campaign had predicted, and in fact barely filled one-third of the arena.

Republicans can’t bear the news coming out of Oklahoma, which is why they have this seat in their sights. They’ve put the word out to top right-wing donors that taking Kendra’s seat is one of their top priorities.

Not if our grassroots movement has anything to say about it.

Please chip in to Kendra Horn's re-election today. Let's keep Oklahoma – and the House – blue!



Posted on June 28, 2020.