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How we save our local RESTAURANTS:

The service industry is some of the most difficult work an individual can do. In a global health pandemic, our small mom and pop restaurants are struggling to stay afloat. Here in our community, and in thousands of communities across the nation, we’ve seen restaurants and service workers hit hard due to COVID-19.

From Pok Pok to Wong's King Kitchen and Bistro Montage, our local family-owned spots are seeing boarded up windows and "Closed" signs for good. For many, even the Paycheck Protection Program loans are inaccessible.

That's why I'm proud to announce I've introduced a bill to create a $120 billion Restaurant Stabilization Fund to support independent restaurants through grants.

By working with chefs, services workers, and industry professionals across the nation, the Real Economic Support that Acknowledges Unique Restaurants Assistance Needed to Survive (RESTAURANTS) bill was drafted to provide a safety net for an industry that's already seeing 51 percent lower revenue than 2019.

From offsetting payroll costs to operating expenses, covering benefits, rent, or cleaning supplies, the RESTAURANTS Act would help restaurants stabilize through 2020. Most importantly, the restaurants would not need to pay these grants back.

With a specific focus on prioritizing marginalized, underrepresented communities as well as women and minority-owned restaurants, we can make sure we put our workers first.

When we work to support our local small businesses, we're making sure our neighbor's kid can go to college and have the health care they need. Let's make sure we're taking care of one another.



Posted on July 3, 2020.