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ELECTION ACTION: Connect. Vote. Win.

As we head into the last few months before the most important election in American history, we cannot take anything for granted. We must win in November – hold the House, flip the Senate, and get Trump out of the White House.

That means our nationwide movement has to be stronger and more focused than ever before, energizing a grassroots effort to revitalize our democracy.

My team and I have compiled a comprehensive election guide: ELECTION ACTION: Connect. Vote. Win. This guide was created to increase engagement with grassroots organizations and candidates in the critical months before the November 3rd general election. It will be updated on a regular basis. Check it out now!

When progressives become organized and energized, our message has the power to inspire action from people who in the past have been discouraged, dispirited, and disengaged.

I'll be working nonstop this summer and fall to lift up the candidates in the ELECTION ACTION Guide and will let you know how you can help. Each one of these progressive candidates plays an essential role in the change we need in our political system. We can't be successful without protecting and expanding their numbers and giving them the resources they need to be effective.

I have never seen a political challenge greater than the one we face in 2020. But I also see an opportunity to advance our shared values.

The stakes are high, it's never been more urgent, and there has never been a time when more people want to be and need to be encouraged to help.

Our 2020 Election Action: Connect. Vote. Win.

I look forward to being your partner as we fight for the future of our democracy.



Posted on July 8, 2020.