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She's as grassroots as it gets. Let's have her back:

We have to look at every corner of our country to retire every Representative enabling Donald Trump's failures.

We can't write a place off just because it might take a little work or because we've come up a little short in the past.

We're going to compete and win everywhere, including places like Alaska, where we have a very real chance to replace Trump enabler Don Young with a terrific candidate: Alyse Galvin.

Donate $3 right now—let's get this grassroots movement going.

Alyse almost got it done last time. With 47% of the vote in 2018, she got closer than anyone in 30 years! And today she's polling neck and neck with her opponent. We're going to put her over the top in 2020.

We have to defeat her opponent, the incumbent Don Young. Because he's as Trump as Trump.

Young downplayed the pandemic by calling COVID-19 a "beer virus." If you name a regressive position, he takes it, including when it comes to health care, equal pay for women, and climate change. And he's made a career out of making racist, anti-semitic, and homophobic remarks.

Meanwhile, let's talk Alyse. She's as grassroots as it gets. For example, Alyse built a grassroots movement of parents, teachers, students, and community members in response to politicians wanting to gut public school funding. The result? Her movement, Great Alaska Schools grew from 40 to 4,000 members and saved over $100M in budget cuts.

That is the kind of leadership we need in Congress. And it's why I'm urging our grassroots movement to get behind Alyse, to support her campaign right now.



Posted on July 12, 2020.