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When you only think about yourself, other people's problems don't exist.

There’s no simpler way to say this: Donald Trump is waging a campaign against the American people.

Most recently, he’s turned part of downtown Portland into a dystopian nightmare where nonviolent demonstrations are tear-gassed and beaten, and unmarked officers snatch peaceful protesters off the streets and take them away in unmarked vans.

But his abuse of power in the streets is just the newest front in Trump’s war against our people. Our country is breaking records of confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus while the rest of world has practically eliminated it. Not coincidentally, President Trump wants to cut funds for testing.

Because when you only think about yourself, if you can't see a problem, it doesn't exist.

Well, failing poll numbers are no reason to ignore a public health crisis. Not in the face of 140,000 Americans dead. Add your name right now and tell President Trump his ego is costing us lives.

This week, Trump finally, finally admitted that the pandemic is not just going to go away. But while Republicans fell all over themselves to applaud him for speaking the simplest truth, not one saw fit to mention that Donald Trump is still fighting to eliminate funding for COVID testing and contact tracing. In fact, he's indicated that if he doesn't get his way, he's willing to veto the next relief bill.

We cannot allow Trump's ignorance and ego to determine public health policy; thousands of lives depend on it.

Add your name to demand better public health practices. Tell Donald Trump, "Don't defund COVID testing!"

Team Blumenauer

Posted on July 26, 2020.