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Another reason to abolish ICE

You know where I stand: we must abolish ICE.

The inhumanities that have occurred on its watch, and under the Trump administration, are beyond the pale. I scarcely need to recount the family separations, the children in jail, and so much more.

Now, the people in ICE custody have to contend with COVID-19. And, predictably, the Trump administration has created another horrific human rights violation.

What's happening? ICE agents are spraying people in their custody with harsh chemical disinfectants, putting their health at risk, all while people are still packed together. To be clear: I don't mean "ICE is using spray disinfectant to clean their detention camps." I mean that ICE agents are literally spraying harsh chemical cleaners directly onto human beings in their custody.

Urge Congress to open an investigation into the COVID-19 response in ICE Detention facilities. Add your name here.

We must investigate immediately. Congress must step in and demand answers, demand accountability, and protect the people in ICE custody.

Sign the petition. Demand urgent action.



Posted on July 30, 2020.