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I've had enough of Trump meddling in Oregon.

Donald Trump has picked too many fights with me.

He's spent his tenure attacking everything our movement represents: racial justice, free and fair elections, the right to health care, scientific inquiry, humane immigration policy, climate justice, gun safety reform – essentially any issue with respect and human dignity at its core.

He encouraged white supremacists to gallivant through our city, picking fights and terrorizing innocent people.

He's sent his secret police to kidnap Portlanders off our streets while they practiced their first amendment rights.

Now he's attacking my friend, Congressman Peter DeFazio, and attempting to install in his place a GOP flunky hand-picked for his blind loyalty to Trump.

Enough is enough, Donald.

Make a contribution to Congressman DeFazio's reelection campaign and help us stand against Donald Trump.

We know why he's attacking Peter:

Peter's district – Oregon's 4th Congressional District, which runs from OSU to the southern border and from the coast to Bend – is the most politically divided district in the country. More importantly, Peter has been giving this administration *one hell of a fight.*

As Chair of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Peter led the charge for the historic transportation bill that invests $500 billion to modernize our transportation systems for the 21st century. He wrote the "Green New Deal 2.0" – the Moving Forward Act, which would update wasteful and failing infrastructure nationwide. He's been on the front lines of the fight for reproductive freedom and continues to receive 100% ratings from NARAL.

Above all, Peter is not afraid to speak his mind, and he never hesitates to do what he knows is right. (In fact, he's voted against every congressional pay raise, and has used his pay increases over the years to create a scholarship for Oregon students to attend local colleges.)

These are the values Peter stands for – values that Oregonians hold near and dear that Donald Trump is continuing to attack. Can you join us in the fight by making a contribution today?

Peter DeFazio & Caesar the No Drama Llama

Our country is in dire need of strong leadership. For years, Congressman DeFazio has been fighting for Oregonians through commonsense proposals that create family-wage jobs, expand access to affordable health care, restore economic and educational opportunities, and tip the scales of inequality in favor of the most vulnerable Oregonians.

Help us keep up the fight for true leadership by chipping in $14 to Rep. DeFazio right now. We must continue to work together.



Posted on August 2, 2020.