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Trump is attacking the Post Office. I'm fighting back.

Donald Trump's war on the Post Office is getting worse by the day. Barely two months after he appointed Louis DeJoy, his hand-picked (and unqualified) Postmaster General to sabotage the USPS, we're already seeing unprecedented slowdowns in delivery time, drastic cutbacks in postal worker hours, and egregious attacks on management. This weekend, DeJoy actually began removing some public mailboxes from the streets and locking others shut, and hundreds of mail sorting machines are next.

I'm fighting mad. Right now, I'm working to get answers, fix the damage DeJoy and Trump have done, and make sure our postal workers have the support they need to keep the mail moving reliably.

How have Trump and DeJoy's attacks on the US Mail impacted you or your family? Head over to Facebook and let me know.

Remember: Trump's attacks on the Post Office are attacks on all of us:

They're attacks on seniors who aren't getting life-saving medication on time.

They're attacks on people in rural communities, who are especially counting on the postal service during the pandemic, and don't know when supplies will arrive.

They're attacks on small businesses that are cut off from critical deliveries.

They're attacks on the millions of people who will vote by mail to take back the White House in November.

I'm grateful to everyone who is fighting back. In general, my Congressional office receives about 6,000 emails a month from constituents.

This week alone, we've received 6,000 emails just from people angry and scared by the Trump administration's assault on USPS and how it will hurt their lives and livelihoods.

And that's just a fraction of the movement. How about you?

If you have been impacted by Trump's sabotage of our mail system, let me know and share your story on Facebook.

Or use the hashtag #TrumpMailSabotage on Twitter.

We won't let Trump get away with this.



Posted on August 18, 2020.