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Flip it Friday in South Jersey for Amy Kennedy

When I think of the heroes fighting for our country in times of a global pandemic, I think of people like Amy Kennedy. As a teacher, as a mother of five children, and as an advocate, Amy has put social-emotional learning and mental wellness for children and adolescents at the forefront of her work.

As a fourth generation New Jerseyite, Amy knows her community. She's seen firsthand the devastation of Donald Trump's failures on jobs, the environment, COVID-19, our schools, mental health care, and taking care of our veterans.

And now she's running to represent south Jersey in Congress.

We need people who have experience fighting for our communities at the forefront of our policy making – people like Amy.

Let's send Amy to Washington! Make a contribution to her campaign right now.

Amy's got the most important skill a legislator needs: she never forgets the people and communities that she serves. That's why she's been a critical supporter of my RESTAURANTS Act, which would establish a $120 billion Restaurant Revitalization Fund to provide COVID relief to the independent restaurants from Oregon to New Jersey that anchor communities.

Without federal assistance, many of these beloved corner coffee shops, diners, and cafes may not be able to reopen their doors. Our bipartisan RESTAURANTS Act will provide the critical funding relief to ensure they — and their workers — get the support they need to get through this unprecedented health crisis. And when Amy gets to Congress, she'll be a key ally on this important legislation.

In addition to the RESTAURANTS Act, Amy has released a Small Business Policy to address the impacts of COVID on South Jersey's local businesses.

It's fights like these that prove Amy is the right choice for working families, for agriculture, restaurants, and farming jobs, for our environment, and for the future of our country.

We have just 74 days to go. Let's do this.

Support Amy by chipping in to her campaign for Congress right now.



Posted on August 21, 2020.