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A study in contrasts

Last week, my fellow Democrats and I laid out a way forward for post-Trump America.

We talked about values: compassion, democracy, justice.

We talked about action: universal health care, a Green New Deal, gun safety reform.

And we talked about bringing the reality of this country closer to our ideals, making government work for everyone, not just the wealthy and well-connected.

That means our movement needs to not only take back the White House and the Senate, but protect and strengthen our majority in the House. Contribute now to make sure we've got what we need to win those fights!

This week, it's the Republicans' turn.

They're talking about one thing, and one thing only: fear.

On Monday night, we listened to one speaker after another work themselves into a frenzy, describing our movement as a "vengeful mob that seeks to destroy our way of life, our neighborhoods, schools, churches, and values" that will "bring crime, lawlessness, and low-quality apartments into thriving suburban neighborhoods."

That's not vision. It's a cynical, divisive, fear-mongering rant.

Yesterday, they doubled down, attacking the LGBTQ+ community, diplomacy, and the truth itself.

We're not interested in hearing what they say tonight. The Trump era has written enough horror stories. It's time to close the book on them and build the progressive future our country needs.

Are you with me? Chip in now and let's keep building this movement!



Posted on August 26, 2020.