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This Flip It Friday, we're calling a Doctor - Doctor Tipirneni

There's probably no more striking choice for voters between candidates in a Congressional race than the one between Dr. Hiral Tipirneni and Rep. David Schweikert in Arizona's 6th district.

Dr. Tipirneni is a respected, confident professional, and an American success story. David Schweikert has spent over a decade failing the people of Arizona. In addition to being an extreme voice against working people, he has been found guilty of serious violations of House ethics rules. He not only misspent and misused House staff and resources, he also stalled, obfuscated, and actively impeded the investigation and the entire House unanimously voted to repudiate his actions.

Not even a doctor can fix what's wrong with this Congressman because of his ethical lapses and lack of integrity. But you can by helping get Hiral Tipirneni elected and retiring David Schweikert.

For anyone who considers Hiral's records, it's not even a close call. The American dream is supposed to be simple. Work hard, get a good education, and serve your community. These are values that Dr. Hiral Tipirneni's parents instilled in her when they immigrated to the United States when she was just three years old.

And that's exactly what she did. She worked hard, she became a physician, and she's been serving her community in Arizona for the last 20 years – in and out of the emergency room. Following a childhood illness, Dr. Tipirneni was inspired to learn about medicine, which led her to serving in emergency departments at many Phoenix-area hospitals. After losing her mother and nephew to cancer, Dr. Tipirneni led teams of researchers, clinicians, and patient advocates in the fight to treat and cure breast cancer, prostate cancer, and childhood leukemia.

Now, she's running for Congress because Arizona needs a voice of integrity representing working families. Let's make it happen! Chip in right now and help Dr. Tipirneni get to Congress.

An immigrant who envisions a clear, affordable path to citizenship. A leader for turning Arizona into the epicenter for renewable energy and clean jobs. A critical voice for women's reproductive rights. And the daughter of service workers who believe in protecting families and small businesses and expanding workforce training programs to make sure all Americans have a livable-wage job.

Washington D.C. – and our country – needs fewer Trump-loving crooks and more compassionate people who care about their communities. People like Dr. Hiral Tipirneni. Help get Dr. Tipirneni to Congress and fight for our country.



Posted on August 28, 2020.