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Flip It Friday in a key swing district

There are billionaires who are on track to becoming trillionaires in the worst global health crisis our world has seen in a century. And then there's Kate Schroder. A 5th generation Cincinnatian, a cancer survivor, and a mom, Kate has spent her life fighting for health care.

In Ohio's First Congressional district, Kate Schroder is creating access, opportunity, and prosperity for all. She's committed to putting people over politics to ensure all members of her community are better served. She's fighting to expand affordable health care, bringing infrastructure investments and jobs to communities, and will pass commonsense gun laws that save lives – including universal background checks.

Here's the best part: Kate's been making some serious headway in her campaign. So much so that the Cook Politico Report shifted her race from "leans Republican" to "toss-up." Kate's been working really hard for the people of Cincinnati. Let's make sure she knows we're working hard for her.

Among all these battles, Kate will be a key supporter in a fight that's close to my heart; the fight for the Cincinnati Streetcar. You see, the Cincinnati mayor is forcefully shutting down the beloved – and widely used – streetcar, selling over $1.1 billion in new development within 1,000 feet of it's 18 stops. This will do far more damage to the transportation system and the infrastructure of the Cincinnati landscape than I care to account for.

We cannot have that. We cannot let those who are money-hungry to take the foundations of our cities. Our movement's fighting back. Contribute now to fuel the fight!

In his decades in Congress, her opponent Steve Chabot has cobbled together a record of broken promises, scandal, and special interest handouts that stands out even in today's bottom-of-the-barrel Republican party. Sixteen times, Chabot has voted to repeal the ACA and take health care away from 20 million people – with no plan to replace it. Banking, insurance, real estate developers, big polluters: there's no industry he won't vote to deregulate and turn loose on working families, provided their lobbyists support his campaign.

And I use "support his campaign" pretty loosely. Chabot has repeatedly come under scrutiny for funneling campaign funds to family and friends, and just this past December we learned that the FBI was investigating $100,000 that mysteriously went missing from his campaign.

Kate, on the other hand, has long fought to lowering costs and improving health outcomes. As the Vice President of the Clinton Health Access Initiative, she improved treatment rates for childhood illnesses in limited-resource countries. She was even named a Next Nine Honoree by WCPO, a local Cincinnati ABC channel, distinguishing her as one of nine rising stars who are transforming the health care sector.

I could go on with the work Kate's done for the people of this country. But I know this won't be the last you'll hear of her. Let's make sure we've got the right people in office – from Portland to DC to Cincinnati.

I hope you'll stand with me in supporting a leader as courageous as Kate by chipping in to her campaign. Together, we'll take our country forward.



Posted on September 4, 2020.