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Some information on the wildfires - and how you can help

First, I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. Across the west coast, hundreds of thousands of Americans are being evacuated due to wildfires that could have been prevented. So many have lost everything they've ever known.

In Oregon, we've seen over 200 thousand acres up in flames. California is well over the million-acre mark. Small towns, from Mill City to Phoenix in Southern Oregon are just embers now. And Medford is fighting to survive.

Here's a list of resources from the Governor's office, including a fire map, air quality index, how to apply for wildfire damage housing relief, road closures, and more.

If you can help, please do so by donating to this group of relief organizations working on the front lines to support families hurt by this disaster.

While these are immediate solutions, make no mistake: Our climate emergency is contributing to these horrific infernos in Oregon and across the West. Unless we make a U-turn on our flawed climate policies, devastating wildfires will only worsen. It's past time for the bold action envisioned with the #GreenNewDeal.

These are unprecedented times. Make sure to check on your friends and neighbors.



Posted on September 9, 2020.