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Flip it Friday heads to South Carolina

Everyone loves a great underdog story – right?

Well, look no further than Adair Ford Boroughs, who's running for Congress in South Carolina's District 2 (yes, you heard that right – we can flip South Carolina).

We’ve got to take the Senate and new polls show the race between Jaime Harrison and Lindsey Graham in South Carolina to be neck and neck. As a result of this renewed energy in SC, there are several House races in play. One of the races I am strongly supporting is Adair Ford Boroughs.

Adair has spent her life beating the odds and helping others do the same. She grew up in a double-wide trailer in Williston, South Carolina, the daughter of a cabinet maker and a public school teacher who raised her with a deep commitment to faith and family.

Adair worked hard, graduated high school as valedictorian, received a full scholarship to Furman University, and, after teaching high school math in Greenville County Schools, attended Stanford Law School, where she graduated with honors.

She began her legal career at the United States Department of Justice in Washington, DC, where she represented the American people by going after corporations and millionaires who cheated on their taxes. She later worked for a U.S. District Judge and then helped launch a nonprofit law firm that provides affordable legal services to people who don't qualify for free legal aid but cannot afford the high cost of private attorneys.

Now that's a leader worth electing to Congress! Can you chip in right now and help get Adair to Congress?

Adair's opponent is Rep. Joe Wilson, infamous for shouting “you lie!” at President Obama during the State of the Union address.

He has voted against expanding health care for kids. Against the Violence Against Women Act. Against raising the minimum wage. He even voted against veterans' health care. Again, and again, and again. All while voting to raise his own wage six times. But he has passed one bill in the 17 years he’s been in Congress – renaming a post office. He’s just a piece of furniture with a terrible voting record.

Joe Wilson only serves himself. He's bad for Congress, and bad for Americans. Chip in to help Adair get to Congress and continue the incredible work she's been doing all her life.



Posted on September 25, 2020.