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Introducing: Election Action Countdown

With the election drawing near (just five weeks!), Donald Trump getting increasingly desperate and unhinged, and so much left for us to do, it can be hard to figure out what steps we should actually be taking.

That's why Team Blumenauer is starting the Election Action Countdown. Every day, between now and November 3, we'll be posting concrete actions you can take to take back our democracy on Election Day.

You'll be able to find us on Facebook and Instagram – just search for the hashtag #ElectionActionCountdown.

Every Sunday, we'll send out a recap of the week's action, so you can see any you've missed. And, as always, you can visit the Election Action Guide for a ton of resources.

This is the most important election of our lives. And we have to be doing everything we can for the next 35 days to make sure we strengthen our majority in the House, take back the Senate, and fire Donald Trump in November.

Team Blumenauer

Posted on September 29, 2020.