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Neglect from the ivory tower.

Today, Donald Trump announced that he was quitting negotiations for a COVID relief package for families, small businesses, and frontline workers. This means no stimulus checks, no help for small businesses, no aid for states and frontline workers, no money for schools, and no resources for testing and contact tracing.

Trump's even turning his back on our bipartisan effort to save 85% of independent restaurants from going out of business.

Not permanently – just until after the election.

That's as bad as it sounds. As working people across the country suffer from the pandemic he's refused to address, the president is holding critical aid hostage in hopes that it'll somehow help him politically.

Maybe you're asking yourself "How would not helping people benefit Trump?" That's a reasonable question.

Here's my answer: I don't care. And Trump shouldn't either.

While Trump gets free world-class COVID treatment in his ivory tower, the virus is still spreading, people are losing their jobs and their health care, businesses are closing, and families are struggling just to make ends meet.

Our country needs solutions, not political stunts, and Trump's eagerness to turn America's pain into a grotesque quid pro quo only highlights what an utter disgrace to the nation he is.

Once again, Trump's moral bankruptcy proves that this is the most important election of our lives. We must do everything we can to defeat Donald Trump and the Congressional Republicans who refuse – again and again – to show even basic human decency toward the public they're supposed to serve.

We all need to be on board. Please visit the Election Action guide today and commit to at least one step listed there, and urge your friends and family to do the same.



Posted on October 6, 2020.