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Crazed Colorado Conspiracist for Congress?

The progressive caravan rolls on: Team Blumenauer is looking to Colorado as the next front to elect more Democrats to the U.S. House of Representatives.

This one's straightforward, too: a great progressive leader vs. a QAnon conspiracy theorist.

Please join me in supporting my friend, Diane Mitsch Bush, for Congress in Colorado's third district.

I don't think we need to say much more, but how about this:

Diane checks all the boxes. In the Colorado State House, she's known for her hard work ethic and ability to deliver for working families. She's running to combat climate change, be a voice for police accountability, to end Citizens United, and to restore our democratic values.

Her opponent, Lauren Boebert? She's a pistol-packing-on-the-job restaurant owner who made a name for herself after loudly protesting against Democratic state governor Jared Polis' orders to close businesses to fight the coronavirus pandemic. She kept her restaurant, "Shooters Grill" (you can't make this stuff up) open in defiance of closure orders. She says the following about the QAnon conspiracy theory: "Everything that I've heard of Q, I hope that it's real, because it only means that America is getting stronger and better and people are returning to conservative values." She's a die-hard Trump loyalist who stands for a continuation of all of Trump's failed, cruel policies, from climate change to violence to frothing-at-the-mouth conspiracy theories.

Need I say more?

The choice couldn't be starker, and it's why we need to go all in to elect Diane Mitsch Bush.

There are 25 days left until Election Day, so please chip in $25 – one dollar for each day left, to power this terrific progressive to victory in November.



Posted on October 9, 2020.