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Big Sky Country's Big Role

Like I've said many times before, we need to keep working hard to build our progressive vision for the future.

No letting up. Compete everywhere, even where we've lost before.

That's something Kathleen Williams took to heart after a narrow defeat in 2018. Now, thanks to her relentless campaigning and strong grassroots energy, she's positioned to defeat Matt Rosendale and move Montana back in the Democratic column.

Will you make a donation to help Kathleen get elected?

Electing this independent, progressive leader isn't just important for Montana, it could literally change the result of the 2020 presidential election. You heard that right, electing Kathleen could make or break our effort to send Donald Trump packing.

If no candidate wins an outright majority in the Electoral College, which could happen this year, the election will be decided in the U.S. House of Representatives where each Congressional delegation casts a single vote on behalf of their state.

With this at stake, we must work twice as hard to ensure it's Kathleen, and not her Republican opponent, who will hold Montana's lone House seat. Our support for Kathleen can also help Governor Steve Bullock flip a Republican Senate seat in another heated race.

So, please chip in to Kathleen's campaign.

With Kathleen on the cusp of winning a very close – and very important – race, we can't let up now. Every donation makes a difference.

Let's maximize our efforts to get her over the top and be a critical part of the massive movement for change that is essential to our country's future.



Posted on October 16, 2020.