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The election in Iowa is going down to the wire and we have a chance to make the difference.

Iowa is getting down to the wire, so I want to give you a quick update on a congressional race that is really important to me. J.D. Scholten, who is running in Iowa's 4th Congressional District, is someone that I've been working with over the past three years and who continues to impress me more and more each day.

Three years ago, he made the decision to run against one of the most hateful and intolerant members of Congress, Steve King from Iowa. J.D. visited every single one of his district's 39 counties and campaigned in towns that have not seen a congressional candidate for decades. He came within three points of beating King.

J.D. Scholten for Congress

Defeating Steve King has always been one of my top priorities, so J.D. was the first candidate in the 2020 cycle that I supported.

Steve King lost the Republican primary (good riddance) and is no longer J.D.'s opponent. When that happened, a lot of people decided the race wasn't worth investing in. But anyone who has met J.D. knows that he isn't going to quit.

J.D. continues to work every corner of his district while his Republican opponent won't even engage in a debate and is not doing anything to campaign.

We see more and more people who get elected and go to DC to fundraise more than they do to legislate and ultimately that hurts the American people. We gotta get back to a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

There is something happening in Iowa. Joe Biden has a real chance of winning; Joni Ernst is on the decline while our candidate, Theresa Greenfield, is taking the lead in the polls; and Democrats in Iowa are not yielding any territory.

While we never take anything for granted, I feel we are on the edge of a Democratic tsunami and J.D. is part of that wave.

Please consider making a contribution to J.D. Your support for J.D., me, and all of our candidates means more to me than you can imagine.



Posted on October 21, 2020.