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Flip it Friday, right here in Oregon.

There's a critical race that's not getting much attention right now and I want to tell you about it because it's so close and so important. It's a race for the second highest office in Oregon, the Secretary of State.

Can you rush a $7 donation to candidate Shemia Fagan and help her win this critical seat?

Shemia Fagan for Secretary of State

We need a strong leader like Shemia Fagan as Oregon's next Secretary of State. Shemia's mother battled addiction. Shemia was raised by a single dad. They were evicted from her family home when she was eight years old. She knows the struggles of working class Oregonians, using those life experiences to become a civil rights attorney and a State Senator.

You see, this is more than just a job for Shemia. For her, it's about making sure our government works for everyone. That's why she's been endorsed by key partners like the Oregon League of Conservation Voters, Planned Parenthood, and the Sierra Club.

Most importantly, Shemia knows the consequential need for a truly independent elections commission that's rooted in racial equity. As your Secretary of State, Shemia Fagan will strengthen Oregon's 20-year tradition of voting safely by mail, ensure that every Oregonian's vote counts, and help other states that want to adopt vote-by-mail.

The Secretary of State our first line of defense against anti-democratic misinformation, like Donald Trump's lies about 'voter fraud'—lies that are repeated by Republicans, like Shemia's opponent, Kim Thatcher.

Flipping seats isn't just for Congress. We must make sure every race on the ballot gets the same attention, especially one as crucial as Secretary of State.

Chip in $7 right now and help a proven fighter continue her critical work. Support Shemia Fagan today.



Posted on October 23, 2020.