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Thank you

While Donald Trump's outrageous attempts to steal the election are taking up a lot of our attention, we can't lose sight of how much our movement accomplished this year.

Thanks to you, we supported 80 U.S. House races and contributed more than $1.5 million to progressive candidates around the country! And while we didn't come out on top in all of those races, we protected our majority in the House and helped put a Democratic Senate within reach. Each one of the progressive candidates we helped get elected will play an essential role in the change we need in our country.

Here in Oregon, the reelection of Peter DeFazio, who will chair the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, makes it much more likely we’ll have an ambitious program to rebuild and renew America and strengthen the economy.

Oregonians also voted for police accountability, to protect our kids from tobacco, to support libraries and preschool for all, and to address critical areas of innovative drug reform, which is also an important part of the fight for racial justice. In fact, we made tremendous progress nationwide on the drug reform agenda, with multiple states voting to legalize cannabis for adult use and medical purposes. These results show that cannabis legalization is an issue that is supported by a majority of all Americans, regardless of political party.

I'm especially thankful for the voters of Oregon's 3rd Congressional District - it's an honor to have your support and I'm grateful for the chance to continue to represent you in Congress.

Now we have our work cut out for us. In the days and weeks ahead, we'll keep fighting toward our bright future – together.



Posted on November 23, 2020.