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Spread Cheer, Stay Local

The holidays are a special time for family, friends, and giving. This year, we're reimagining what this season of gathering and giving looks like as we face major economic and health challenges in Oregon and across the country.

If you look around our community, it's clear that families and small businesses are hurting. In Congress, we're currently negotiating another long-overdue COVID relief package that will help. But there are also small ways all of us can help.

If you're looking for holiday gifts, please think local. Here are three simple ways you can support our community and small businesses by shopping small this year:

  • Buy gifts or crafts directly from a small business, local maker, or artisan. The city of Portland has a website where you can find hundreds of local businesses offering safe in-store or virtual experiences that are searchable by location and category. The Built Oregon Marketplace is another great place to find made in Oregon goods.

  • Support a small, neighborhood restaurant by giving a restaurant gift card. As we work to pass my RESTAURANTS Act in the Senate, we need to give these restaurants all the help they can get. An easy way to find local restaurants is through your city's downtown business association, like this list from the city of Gresham.

  • Donate to a local non-profit on behalf of a friend or family member. These organizations are facing dwindling budgets despite huge demand for their services. Willamette Week has highlighted more than 170 impactful nonprofits in the greater Portland metropolitan area on one easy-to-search website.

  • Supporting neighborhood businesses, local restaurants, and community organizations is a top priority of mine in Congress. And I hope you'll consider supporting them this holiday season, too.

This year has been hard, and the spirit of community and giving has never been more important. Thank you for everything you're doing to lift each other up.

Courage and Happy Holidays,


Posted on December 18, 2020.