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Proud to face the future with you

It's no secret: 2020 has been a long and tough year. We'll be working to recover from the pandemic, recession, and Trump's assault on democracy for years to come.

But I'll tell you what gives me hope: again and again this year, our movement stepped up. No matter what obstacles we hit or how bleak the news cycle, we never lost hope and we never stopped fighting for what we believe in.

Take a look:

  • Together, we raised $65,000 to support families devastated by the Oregon wildfires.
  • We raised $176,000 to keep progressive champion Peter DeFazio in Congress.
  • We contributed more than $1.5 million to keep our Democratic majority in the House in one of the most contentious election years ever.
  • Team Blumenauer volunteers spent hundreds of hours calling and texting voters during our Election Action Countdown.
  • And we've already invested thousands of dollars to get out the vote in Georgia and flip the Senate blue.

That's extraordinary. Not only do those numbers show the tremendous power of our team, they're a testimony to our resolve.

We've got our work cut out for us in 2021, to be sure. But thanks to people like you – your principles, your passion, your kindness – I know we are up to the job.

Chip in now to help with our work in Georgia. Voter turnout is the key to this election.

Happy New Year. I am proud to face the future at your side.


Posted on December 27, 2020.