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Recurring payments. Now.

Yesterday, I held my first virtual community forum of the year. One thing we heard again and again was frustration as to why more direct cash payments have not been approved.

I completely agree. Under the failed Trump administration, the support struggling families received was woefully insufficient.

The Congress and new administration must take aggressive steps to make things right.

For me, that starts with recurring (and retroactive) cash payments. On Thursday, we urged President Biden to prioritize these survival checks.

Recurring, monthly cash payments for families struggling to make ends meet in the pandemic should not be controversial for the wealthiest nation in the world.

It also shouldn't take a global crisis for us to consider a system that can help lift people out of poverty, address income inequalities, and deal with racial injustice.

I'm continuing to work with Andrew Yang and other Congressional leaders on long-term ideas for recurring cash payments.

Stay tuned. More soon. Until then, courage.


Posted on January 29, 2021.