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The weather makes it clear: we are in a climate emergency.

Extreme winter weather in Oregon, Texas and across the country makes clear: We are in a climate emergency.

We can't see storms like these as a preview of things to come; they're today's reality. And if we don't make an immediate U-turn on our flawed climate and energy policies, it will only get worse.

Contribute now to fuel the fight to pass a Green New Deal based on science and justice.

Even as millions of people freeze, some politicians in Texas are lying and scapegoating others for their own failures. The state created a system to avoid federal regulation that encouraged billion-dollar energy corporations to cut corners – like failing to weatherize wind turbines – to inflate profits.

Rather than take responsibility for their disastrous system, Governor Abbot as well as Republican members of the Texas Congressional delegation have the audacity to blame the Green New Deal and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Keep in mind:

  1. The Green New Deal hasn't even been voted on, let alone enacted, and
  2. The last time I checked, AOC wasn't the governor of Texas, or even in their legislature.

So much for the "party of personal responsibility."

They've also wrongly blamed renewable energy sources, which have actually been functioning better in this freeze than the fossil fuels than they champion; most of the power that is "frozen" is gas or nuclear.

There are a lot of good people in Texas who are hurting and deserve better. Unfortunately, I am not surprised to see Republican leaders who are incapable of taking responsibility for their own shortsighted and self-serving decisions.

Our progressive majority in Congress isn't going to wait for Texas leadership to admit their failures. We're following the science to adapt to and combat climate change – now.

Declaring a climate emergency and passing a Green New Deal is the solution, not the problem. Chip in now to join the fight to get this work done.

This is the moment. We can't afford to let it pass us by.



Posted on February 17, 2021.