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This is a direct result of grassroots activism

We did it.

President Biden just signed the American Rescue Plan into law. This historic legislation will help families and communities still reeling from the pandemic crisis.

  • Working families will receive thousands of dollars to help make ends meet, literally cutting child poverty in half.

  • State and local governments will get billions of dollars to get vaccines in people's arms, help kids learn safely, and keep essential services running.

  • Local restaurants, the cornerstone of communities large and small, will get nearly $30 billion in aid to stay in business and keep employees on the payroll.

  • Black farmers who have been discriminated against for decades by USDA will get $5 billion in unprecedented support.

Make no mistake. This progress is a direct result of the hard work of grassroots activists like you and the movement we built together to take our government back.

While Donald Trump and his Republican enablers started this year with a literal attack on our democracy, the tides have turned.

On the 50th day of the new Biden administration, we have passed the strongest aid package that American families have seen in generations.

Now, Congressional Republicans are placing a cynical bet that the American public will be distracted by their outrageous lies and efforts to game the election system. They are betting that they can get away with opposing policies that will benefit the overwhelming majority of Americans because we can’t keep the effort going.

I think they're wrong.

Please join me in telling the truth and mobilizing our grassroots support throughout the next 20 months.

Join me in fighting to protect the gains we’ve made in policy and at the ballot box. It’s not just sustaining our economic recovery and helping people who need help the most. It is literally a fight for our democracy and the time to put it all on the line.



Posted on March 11, 2021.