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A "return to normal"? Not enough.

In two or three months, much of America will start to return to normal.

The unprecedented investments we've made in health and economic recovery will start to pay off.

We will have vaccinated millions of people. Families will feel a renewed sense of freedom as the fear of COVID fades. We'll be back out in our communities, in our schools, in our local restaurants and businesses. The economy will strengthen.

But if America returns to "normal," the disparities in health, justice, and the economy will remain for millions. Our challenge is to continue these efforts towards justice, towards health, and economic recovery for the majority of Americans – to make a new, better, more just normal.

We're facing some important questions right now:

Will we be able to sustain the recovery, the unprecedented help for families who are still at risk and threatened?

Will we be able to push back on the continued attacks against our democracy?

Will our progressive movement rest on our successes, or will we keep our focus and our momentum?

We are off to a terrific start, but the outcome is still in doubt.

If our activism, the intensity, the outpouring of political support and demands for justice continue, I know we can prevail.


Posted on March 18, 2021.