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Climate change is an emergency [Add your name]

The problem is straightforward: climate change is threatening all life on Earth.

There are many parts of the solution, and everyone's going to have to pitch in, but the first step for our federal government is obvious: we must declare the climate crisis a national emergency.

Sign my petition to urge President Biden to make climate change a national emergency.

This is something I've been working on with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders for years. The declaration will elevate climate change as a national security priority and allow us to devote more resources to cut carbon emissions, invest in clean energy, hold polluters accountable, and ensure climate justice for frontline communities.

The good news: acting on climate change is a win on all fronts; it'll supercharge the economy for working people, improve our communities' health (especially frontline communities hit hardest by pollution and extreme weather), and ensure a sustainable habitat for future generations.

The president has the authority to act. He has the inclination. Standing together, our movement will give him the obligation.

Add your name to join me and urge President Biden to declare a national emergency to fight climate change.



Posted on March 24, 2021.